Here’s one Proven Way to Build Your Immunity!

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Your body needs protection. Normal, every day living can take a toll on your health. What we are facing now with the virus and the additional threats caused by the shut down and the stress in our society as a whole and individually has increased our overall risk. How can we protect ourselves? Just like a car, the human body needs its fuel-the nutrients found in food-real, nutrient dense food.

But even if we are completely committed to a perfect diet, is that enough? A friend of mine, now in her 60s, ate from her organic garden for years, raised goats for milk and cheese, and never ate processed food. But she couldn’t get well. (Not a Covid situation) That is, until she gave her body the extra support it needed through nutrient-dense, whole food NeoLife nutritionals.

The result? She went from barely able to walk to/from her mailbox to running 10 Ks. But do facts prove that her supplements actually contributed?

Not all supplements are reliable, even if the advertising and labeling is convincing. Companies spend billions to persuade you to trust them/their products. But very poor labeling regulations make it difficult to really know what is in the bottle. Find a company that gives proof that their products deliver. That’s a company to trust and who’s products you can use.

Our Carotenoid Complex is proven to boost immunity by 37% in just 20 days by 3rd party, clinical trials. These trials are available. There is nothing to hide and you have a right to know. (3rd party tests are considered to be very reliable. Very few companies open themselves up to such scrutiny. NeoLife does.)

If you want to safeguard your body from the assaults it endures daily, and the assaults specifically in this world wide traumatic season, avail yourself of this and other reliable NeoLife products (especially our many immune supportive nutritionals) that will provide your body with the tools it needs to strengthen itself. Our ingredients? The buried treasures found in organic, non-GMO, juice extracted, vine-ripened, and very carefully processed fruits, vegetables, toxin-free fish and grains.

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