How to Create a Restaurant Patio Vibe in Your Backyard

Submitted by Lisa Rosted Pampered Chef Consultant.

Set a Theme

Are you planning to make pasta? Go for an Italian bistro with a simple white tablecloth, bread and olive oil on the table, and plenty of candlelight. Feeling like barbecue? Gather around the patio picnic table, lay down some newspapers, and put out plenty of sauces for sampling. Give everyone a kitschy bib to wear and, if you have a fire pit, get a fire going to create a smokehouse vibe

Add a Handmade Menu You don’t need to make anything fancy. You could even turn the menu design into an art project for the kids. It’s a nice touch that gets everyone a bit more involved at the table. And your menu becomes a little memento of your special restaurant dinner at home together.

Create Ambiance What sets restaurant dining apart from most weekday meals, aside from not having to do the dishes, is the purposeful mood they create. Luckily, this is easy to do on a budget. String up patio lights, light a few candles, put out a vase of flowers, set the table in advance—another great job for the kiddos—and have water glasses on the table with a pitcher for refills.

Make a Playlist Think about your theme and plan your music accordingly. Or ask everyone in the family to add a song or two to the restaurant playlist.

Make a "Reservation" in Advance Rather than everyone grabbing a seat as soon as the food is ready, set a time in advance for everyone to be seated, even if the meal isn’t quite finished. This might be harder for families, especially with young kids, than for couples, but having a fixed “reservation” makes your meal feel more like an event. Arriving early to the table also gives everyone a chance to enjoy each other’s company before eating.

Mix a Signature Drink Give your mixology skills a spin and add a special cocktail or mocktail on the menu.

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