Shop Small : Support Home Businesses

The movement that's all about supporting small businesses all year long

Every time you pick up a coffee at your local café, grab lunch at the mom-and-pop shop, or buy a new bag from a local store, you're making an impact in your community. Direct Sellers are an important part of shopping small. When you shop with Direct Sales Consultants and Home based business you put money directly into the pocket of families.

The Women's Business Network exists to support women who are small business owners. Connecting and Serving women who have taken the leap of faith to run their own business whether it is working from home with a direct sales company, Avon to MaryKay to Partylite and Ziya. Realtors and Pet Sitters to female owned tech companies to auto repair.

We encourage you to check out one of our directories and shop with our members.

Our Mission is to have a chapter of The Women's Business Network in every state, supporting and encouraging women to take charge and have their own businesses.

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